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Bolivia : public and bank holidays, closure of banks, stock exchanges, school vacations


Bolivia : complete schedule of public and bank holidays, closure of banks and stock exchanges, school vacations, trade fairs, cultural and sporting events, festivals, carnivals, election during the next 3 months

Internet domain: .bo - Telephone code: 591 - International dialing code: 0010 - GMT offset: -4 (DST: no)
Currency: Boliviano (BOB) ... Convert here!
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

Aymara (1,5 million speakers), Spanish (315 million speakers in 20 countries), Quechua (10 million speakers) ...
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Name Date Kind More
Independence Day*Thursday August 6, 2020National Day 
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Regional holiday**Friday August 7, 2020Secular holiday 
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Regional holiday**Sunday August 16, 2020Catholic 
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Flag DayMonday August 17, 2020Culture 
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Regional holiday**Monday September 14, 2020Secular holiday 
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Regional holiday**Thursday September 24, 2020Secular holiday 
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Women's Day (women only)**Sunday October 11, 2020Secular holiday 
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general electionSunday October 18, 2020Special Events 
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All Souls' DayMonday November 2, 2020Secular holiday 
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Regional holiday**Tuesday November 10, 2020Tradeshows 
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Battle Day**Wednesday November 11, 2020Culture 
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Regional holiday**Wednesday November 18, 2020Secular holiday 
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Independence Day -
Thursday August 6, 2020

Secular holiday : Granted by Spain in 1825

Regional holiday -
Friday August 7, 2020

Secular holiday : in La Paz only

Regional holiday -
Sunday August 16, 2020

Catholic : Fiesta de la Virgen de Urkupiña Cochabamba only

Flag Day -
Monday August 17, 2020

Culture :

Regional holiday -
Monday September 14, 2020

Secular holiday : Independence Manifesto Day - Celebrates the first struggle for independence on September 15, 1810, under the leadership of don Esteban Arce Cochabamba only

Regional holiday -
Thursday September 24, 2020

Secular holiday : Santa Cruz & Pando

Women's Day (women only) -
Sunday October 11, 2020

Secular holiday : Not a paid holiday

General election -
Sunday October 18, 2020

Special Events :

All Souls' Day -
Monday November 2, 2020

Secular holiday :

Regional holiday -
Tuesday November 10, 2020

Tradeshows : Potosí Show in Potosí only

Battle Day -
Wednesday November 11, 2020

Culture : The Acre War, known in Brazil as Acrean Revolution ( Revolução Acreana in Portuguese) and in Spanish as La Guerra del Acre ( The War of the Acre ) was a border conflict between Bolivia and the First Brazilian Republic over the Acre Region, which was rich in rubber and gold deposits. The conflict had two phases between 1899 and 1903 and ended with a Brazilian victory (Battle of Bahia) and the subsequent Treaty of Petrópolis, which ceded Acre to Brazil. from 2016 onwards
Not a paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Regional holiday -
Wednesday November 18, 2020

Secular holiday : in Beni