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Estonia : public and bank holidays, closure of banks, stock exchanges, school vacations


Estonia : complete schedule of public and bank holidays, closure of banks and stock exchanges, school vacations, trade fairs, cultural and sporting events, festivals, carnivals, election during the current 2 months

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Name Date Kind More
winter holiday (end)Monday March 5, 2018School holidays 
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Mother Tongue Day*Thursday March 14, 2019Culture 
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Daylight Saving Time*Sunday March 25, 2018Special Events 
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Good Friday*Friday March 30, 2018Catholic or protestant 
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Easter**Sunday April 1, 2018Catholic or protestant 
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spring holiday (beginning)Friday April 20, 2018School holidays 
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spring holiday (end)Wednesday May 2, 2018School holidays 
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Mothers' DaySunday May 13, 2018cards/flowers 
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Whitsunday**Sunday May 20, 2018Catholic or protestant 
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Tour of Estonia*Friday May 25, 2018Sports events 
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summer holiday (beginning)Monday June 11, 2018School holidays 
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Victory Day / Midsummer's Eve - Võidupüha**Saturday June 23, 2018Secular holiday 
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St John**Sunday June 24, 2018Secular holiday 
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Õllesummer**Wednesday July 4, 2018Culture 
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Muhu Väina Regatta**Saturday July 7, 2018Sports events 
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Tennis Open*Monday July 16, 2018Sports events 
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Restoration of Independence**Monday August 20, 2018Secular holiday 
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European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism*Thursday August 23, 2018cards/flowers 
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summer holiday (end)Saturday September 1, 2018School holidays 
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Grandparents Day*Sunday September 9, 2018cards/flowers 
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Marathon*Sunday September 9, 2018Sports events 
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Parliament recess (end)Monday September 17, 2018Special Events 
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Resistance Fighting Day*Saturday September 22, 2018Culture 
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Ethnicity day*Monday September 24, 2018Culture 
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Winter holiday (end) -
Monday March 5, 2018

School holidays :

Mother Tongue Day -
Thursday March 14, 2019

Culture : Emakeelepäev in Estonian

Daylight Saving Time -
Sunday March 25, 2018

Special Events : At 1:00 am local times

Good Friday -
Friday March 30, 2018

Catholic or protestant : The First Council of Nicaea (a gathering of bishops in the early days of Christianity) wanted to find a day to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This commemoration had to be linked to Jewish holiday traditions, since the last supper of Christ was believed to be a Jewish Passover meal. But the Jewish calendar is based on lunar and solar cycles, so the Easter celebration had to follow the same calendar.

April Fools Day -
Monday April 1, 2019

cards/flowers : As the story goes, in 1564, France was one of the first nations to make January 1 officially New Year's Day, instead of the last week of March which was previously observed. In 1582, the Pope followed suit. Those who went on celebrating April 1st were mocked. As the zodiacal sign was the fish, The French placed dead fish on the backs of one another. Traditions vary from country to country.

Easter -
Sunday April 1, 2018

Catholic or protestant : Paid holiday

Spring holiday (beginning) -
Friday April 20, 2018

School holidays :

Spring Bank Holiday -
Wednesday May 1, 2019

Secular holiday :

Spring holiday (end) -
Wednesday May 2, 2018

School holidays :

Mothers' Day -
Sunday May 13, 2018

cards/flowers :

Whitsunday -
Sunday May 20, 2018

Catholic or protestant : Paid holiday

Tour of Estonia -
Friday May 25, 2018

Sports events : 2018 edition confirmed
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Summer holiday (beginning) -
Monday June 11, 2018

School holidays :

Day of Mourning -
Friday June 14, 2019

Culture : In tribute to President Konstantin Päts and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Johan Laidoner who were arrested and deported to Russia in July 1940. June 14, 1941

Victory Day / Midsummer's Eve - Võidupüha -
Saturday June 23, 2018

Secular holiday : Victory Day recalls the decisive battle during the War of Independence in which the military forces sought to re-assert Baltic-German control over the region. Today, Võidupüha also marks the contributions of all Estonians in their fight to regain and retain their independence. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

St John -
Sunday June 24, 2018

Secular holiday : John is described in the New Testament as the last of the Old Testament prophets and the precursor of the Messiah. Another celebration is August 29th in remembrance of his beheading. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Õllesummer -
Wednesday July 4, 2018

Culture : Lasts 5 days - in Tallinn beer festival please check dates:

Muhu Väina Regatta -
Saturday July 7, 2018

Sports events : Lasts 3 days - In Pärnu 2018 edition confirmed
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Tennis Open -
Monday July 16, 2018

Sports events : Lasts 1 week - in Kuressaare please check dates:

Restoration of Independence -
Monday August 20, 2018

Secular holiday : On the night of August 19, 1991, Estonia was caught up in the uncertainty generated by the attempted coup in Moscow. A column of Soviet light tanks and troop carriers had already started to move on Tallinn as the commander of Soviet forces in the Baltics announced his support of the coup. Fearing a total crackdown by the Soviet army, the Estonian parliament met in emergency session on August 20. At 23:00 the Supreme Council, as the legislature was now known, passed a final resolution declaring full restoration of independence Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism -
Thursday August 23, 2018

cards/flowers : Kommunismi ja natsismi ohvrite mälestuspäev: Day when the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was signed in 1939.

Summer holiday (end) -
Saturday September 1, 2018

School holidays :

Grandparents Day -
Sunday September 9, 2018

cards/flowers : To honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children, and to help children become aware of strength, information, and guidance older people can offer.

Marathon -
Sunday September 9, 2018

Sports events : 2018 edition confirmed
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Parliament recess (end) -
Monday September 17, 2018

Special Events :

Resistance Fighting Day -
Saturday September 22, 2018

Culture : Vastupanuvõitluse päev: Otto Tief's attempt to restore the Estonian independence in 1944 [Wikipedia]

Ethnicity day -
Monday September 24, 2018

Culture : National minorities day