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New Caledonia : public and bank holidays, closure of banks, stock exchanges, school vacations

New Caledonia : complete schedule of public and bank holidays, closure of banks and stock exchanges, school vacations, trade fairs, cultural and sporting events, festivals, carnivals, election during the next 3 months

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Week-end : samedi et dimanche

Name Date Kind More
Whit Monday**Monday June 1, 2020Catholic or protestant 
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Pentecost holiday (end)Tuesday June 2, 2020School holidays 
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second mid-term (beginning)Sunday June 7, 2020School holidays 
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second mid-term (end)Monday June 22, 2020School holidays 
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Day of Peace*Friday June 26, 2020Culture 
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banks are closedMonday July 13, 2020Banks only 
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Bastille Day**Tuesday July 14, 2020National Day 
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third mid-term (beginning)Saturday August 8, 2020School holidays 
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Assumption*Saturday August 15, 2020Catholic 
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banks are closedSunday August 16, 2020Banks only 
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third mid-term (end)Monday August 24, 2020School holidays 
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Citizenship Day*Thursday September 24, 2020Secular holiday 
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Whit Monday -
Monday June 1, 2020

Catholic or protestant : Seven weeks after Easter Monday -Marking the day the Holy Spirit entered the disciples left behind and the beginning of their ministry. Not a paid holiday. Due to a succession of gazetted decrees, this day MAY STILL BE A WORKING DAY in some institutions or businesses. Please double check.

Pentecost holiday (end) -
Tuesday June 2, 2020

School holidays :

Second mid-term (beginning) -
Sunday June 7, 2020

School holidays :

Second mid-term (end) -
Monday June 22, 2020

School holidays :

Day of Peace -
Friday June 26, 2020

Culture : Celebrating the 1988 Accords de Matignon (Prime Minister agreement) reconciliating Kanak and French Caledonian communities.

Banks are closed -
Monday July 13, 2020

Banks only :

Bastille Day -
Tuesday July 14, 2020

Secular holiday : This is the French symbol of the end of the Monarchy and the beginning of the First Republic. The national holiday is a time when all citizens can feel themselves to be members of a republican nation. It is because this national holiday is rooted in the history of the birth of the Republic that it has great significance. On 5 May 1789, the King convened the Estates General to hear their complaints: but the assembly of the Third Estate, representing the citizens of the town, soon broke away and formed the Constituent National Assembly. On 20 June, 1789, the deputies of the Third Estate took the oath of the Jeu de Paume to not separate until the Constitution had been established. The people of Paris rose up and decided to march on the Bastille, a state prison that stood for the absolute despotism of the Ancient Regime. On July 14, 1789, the storming of the Bastille immediately took on a great historical dimension; it was proof that power no longer resided in the King as God's representative, but in the people, in accordance with the theories developed by their philosophers of the eighteenth century. Within two days the Revolution could not be reversed. For all citizens of France, the storming of the Bastille came to symbolize liberty, democracy in the struggle against oppression. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Third mid-term (beginning) -
Saturday August 8, 2020

School holidays :

Assumption -
Saturday August 15, 2020

Catholic : Dogma defined by the Catholic Church on November 1, 1950, when Pope Pius XII declared that at the end of her life, Mary's body and soul were assumed into Heaven.

Banks are closed -
Sunday August 16, 2020

Banks only :

Third mid-term (end) -
Monday August 24, 2020

School holidays :

Citizenship Day -
Thursday September 24, 2020

Secular holiday : Called mwa kaa in local vernacular