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Malaysia (Johor) (Asia)

Sultan Johor Holy Day
Saturday November 22 2015
(the date changes according to the year)
*Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Iskandar Al-Haj ibni Ismail Al-Khalidi[(8 April 1932 – 22 January 2010) was the eighth Yang di-Pertuan Agong (Malay for Paramount Chieftain, Supreme King or High King) of Malaysia, from 26 April 1984 to 25 April 1989. He succeeded his father, Sultan Ismail, to become the 24th Sultan of Johor upon the former's death in 1981. Sultan Iskandar's reign lasted for almost 29 years until his death in January 2010, upon which he was succeeded by his oldest son, Tunku Ibrahim.

**from 2010

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