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Argentina (Santa Fé) (SouthAmerica)

Paris-Dakar departure
Sunday January 5 2014
(the date changes according to the year)

**05/01/2013-Rosario-San Luis 06/01/2013-San Luis-San Rafael 07/01/2013-San Rafael-San Juan 08/01/2013-San Juan-Chilecito 09/01/2013-Chilecito-Tucumán 10/01/2013-Tucumán-Salta 11/01/2013-rest 12/01/2013-Salta-Salta/Uyuni 13/01/2013-Salta/Uyuni-Calama 14/01/2013-Calama-Iquique 15/01/2013-Iquique-Antofagasta 16/01/2013-Antofagasta-El Salvador 17/01/2013-El Salvador-La Serena 18/01/2013-La Serena-Valparaíso

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