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Morocco - bank and public holidays of the world - 1970-2070

full calendar of public and bank holidays of the world (and banks closures), from 1970 until 2070 for Morocco

Internet extension: .ma - Telephone code: +2125 - International dialing code: 00 - GMT offset: 0 (DST: yes)
Currency: Dirham (MAD) ... Convert here!
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

Arabic (104 million speakers in 21 countries), Berber (20 million speakers), French (75 million speakers in 30 countries), vernaculars, Amazigh (0.1 million speakers), Hassanee ...
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Name Date Kind More
mid-term holiday (beginning)Wednesday February 18, 2015School holidays 
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mid-term holiday (end)Friday March 6, 2015School holidays 
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Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles arrival in Essaouira*Tuesday March 17, 2015Sports events 
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Mid-term holiday (beginning) -
Saturday February 18, 2017

School holidays (please double check) :

Mid-term holiday (end) -
Monday March 6, 2017

School holidays (please double check) :

Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles arrival in Essaouira -
Friday March 17, 2017

Sports events : Lasts 2 weeks - 2016 edition confirmed