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Bulgaria - bank and public holidays of the world - 1970-2070


Full calendar of public and bank holidays of the world (and banks closures), from 1970 until 2070 for Bulgaria

Internet domain: .bg - Telephone code: +359 - International dialing code: 00 - GMT offset: +1 (DST: yes)
Currency: Lev (BGL) ... Convert here!
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

Bulgarian-Macedonian (10 million speakers), Turkish family (90 million speakers) ...
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Name Date Kind More
New Year's DaySunday January 1, 2017Secular holiday 
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Christmas holiday (end)**Tuesday January 3, 2017School holidays 
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Midwives' Day*Sunday January 8, 2017Events, celebrations... 
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mid-term holiday (beginning)Thursday January 26, 2017School holidays 
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Surva - International Festival of the Masquerade games**Friday January 27, 2017Events, celebrations... 
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Maslenitsa*Sunday February 12, 2017Events, celebrations... 
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Trifon Zarezan (Wine Day)*Tuesday February 14, 2017Events, celebrations... 
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Valentine's Day*Tuesday February 14, 2017cards/flowers 
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mid-term holiday (end)Saturday February 18, 2017School holidays 
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Horse Easter (Todorovden)*Friday February 24, 2017Events, celebrations... 
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New Year's Day -
Monday January 1, 2018

Secular holiday : We carry all confirmed dates till Dec 2018
Contact to get the full calendar for this stock exchange or one file containing confirmed calendars of 550 countries and regions.

Christmas holiday (end) -
Wednesday January 3, 2018

School holidays :
official calendar issued by the Ministry of Education
may vary according to the academic level

study programs are not aligned with the requirements of the Bologna Process
PISA ranking (average 493): 446
Schooling is mandatory till age 15
number of instructional weeks per year in lower secondary education: 44-45
No school on Saturday
No uniform required
confirmed till Jan 2018

Midwives' Day -
Tuesday January 8, 2019

Culture : 'Babinden' - of the greatest female folk festivals dedicated to the grandmas (the Bulgarian word for midwives) - women who help at birth - and young brides and women who have given birth. Rituals during this day are mainly governed by the desire to manifest honour and respect for older women who have helped young mothers at birth.

Mid-term holiday (beginning) -
Friday January 26, 2018

School holidays :

Surva - International Festival of the Masquerade games -
Saturday January 27, 2018

Culture : Lasts 2 days - in Pernik 2018 edition confirmed

Maslenitsa -
Monday February 12, 2018

Culture : Maslenitsa (also known as Butter Week, Pancake week, or Cheesefare Week) has its origins in both pagan and Christian traditions. In Slavic mythology, Maslenitsa is a sun festival, celebrating the imminent end of the winter. corresponds to the Western Christian Carnival.

Trifon Zarezan (Wine Day) -
Wednesday February 14, 2018

Culture : In tribute to Saint Trifon, assassinated in 248 in Apemia, considered a major wine center.

Valentine's Day -
Wednesday February 14, 2018

cards/flowers : Introduced by Pope Gelasus in 498, perhaps in response to a local Roman tradition of lovers writing their names on an urn in February

Mid-term holiday (end) -
Sunday February 18, 2018

School holidays :

Horse Easter (Todorovden) -
Saturday February 24, 2018

Culture : The Day of St Theodore, celebrated by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, also known as Horse Easter.