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Gypsies, Rom - bank and public holidays of the world - 1970-2070

Full calendar of public and bank holidays of the world (and banks closures), from 1970 until 2070 for Gypsies, Rom

"Gypsies" are divided into five main groups: Roms (Central Europe), Yelish (Northern Europe), Manouches (France), Yugoslavian Gypsies and Spanish Gypsies
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Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

Gypsy, Romanese, Vlax (10 million speakers) ...
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Name Date Kind More
Abolition of Slavery*Friday February 8, 2019Secular holiday 
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Nation's Day*Monday April 8, 2019National Day 
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St George**Monday May 6, 2019Catholic or protestant 
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Saint-Marie de la Mer Pilgrimage in France*Friday May 24, 2019Catholic or protestant 
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Khamoro International Festival**Friday May 24, 2019Events, celebrations... 
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End of Ramadan (may be changed to the nearest day)**Saturday May 25, 2019Muslim, Sufi 
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Abolition of Slavery -
Monday February 8, 2021

Secular holiday : Commemorates abolition in Muntenia on Feb. 8, 1856. Not all communities are concerned with this celebration.

Nation's Day -
Wednesday April 8, 2020

Secular holiday : Commemorates the First Rom World Congress in London in 1971. Marks the beginning of the first International Roma organization and the introduction of the name Rom (instead of Gypsy), and of the Romani anthem and flag,

St George -
Wednesday May 6, 2020

Catholic or protestant : Not observed by Muslim communities

Saint-Marie de la Mer Pilgrimage in France -
Sunday May 24, 2020

Catholic or protestant : Also takes place in Orcival, near Clermont-Ferrand

Khamoro International Festival -
Sunday May 24, 2020

Culture : Gypsy festival - lasts 1 week - in Prague 2020 edition NOT confirmed

End of Ramadan (may be changed to the nearest day) -
Monday May 25, 2020

Muslim, Sufi : Ends the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. There were 30 days of strict fasting from sunup to sundown in honor of the first revelation to the Prophet Mohammed. In India, except in Arunachal Pradesh.