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Armenia - bank and public holidays of the world - 1970-2070


Full calendar of public and bank holidays of the world (and banks closures), from 1970 until 2070 for Armenia

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Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

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Name Date Kind More
Mother's DayMonday April 4, 2022cards/flowers 
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referendum*Tuesday April 5, 2022Special Events 
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Civil Servants holidayWednesday April 13, 2022Secular holiday 
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Easter MondayWednesday April 20, 2022cards/flowers 
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Genocide Remembrance Day*Sunday April 24, 2022Secular holiday 
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Citizen's Day*Monday April 25, 2022Secular holiday 
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Labor Day/May Day*Sunday May 1, 2022Secular holiday 
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Peace Day*Monday May 9, 2022Secular holiday 
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WORKING DAYMonday May 23, 2022Secular holiday 
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summer holiday (beginning)Wednesday May 25, 2022School holidays 
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First Republic Day**Saturday May 28, 2022Secular holiday 
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Public holidaySunday May 29, 2022Secular holiday 
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Constitution's Day*Tuesday July 5, 2022Secular holiday 
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Golden Apricot film festival**Tuesday July 12, 2022Events, celebrations... 
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Transfiguration Day*Tuesday July 19, 2022Orthodox 
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Mother's Day -
Saturday April 4, 2020

cards/flowers :

Referendum -
Sunday April 5, 2020

Special Events : On suspending the power of 7 judges of the Constitutional Court

Civil Servants holiday -
Monday April 13, 2020

Secular holiday :

Easter Monday -
Monday April 20, 2020

cards/flowers :

Genocide Remembrance Day -
Friday April 24, 2020

Secular holiday : In tribute to the Armenians killed by the Turks in 1915 and 1916

Citizen's Day -
Saturday April 25, 2020

Secular holiday : To bring about the non-violent velvet revolution after weeks of rallies and demonstration in 2019 to raise numerous socio-political, legal and political problems demanding an urgent solution.

Labor Day/May Day -
Friday May 1, 2020

Secular holiday : Chicago, Saturday May 1st, 1886: 350,000 workers go on strike to call for an 8-hour working day. Industries are paralyzed nationwide. On Monday, as demonstrations go on, the police open fire. On Tuesday, Chicago is again on strike. Following a bomb launched against them, the police shoot again. 12 dead, of which 7 policemen. 8 anarchists will be condemned and executed. In 1889, the Socialist International Movement met in Paris and declared this day international workers' day . The Soviets will follow suit, just as the Nazis. In France, under the Vichy regime (1940-1944), the celebration is renamed Labour Day .

Peace Day -
Saturday May 9, 2020

Secular holiday : Marks the capitulation of Nazi forces to the Allies (the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and other principal Allied nations) in Berlin on May 8, 1945. It is celebrated in the successor states to the Soviet Union on May 9, because when the German Instrument of Surrender was signed (in the midnight), it was already May 9 in the USSR and Eastern Europe

Saturday May 23, 2020

Secular holiday :

Summer holiday (beginning) -
Monday May 25, 2020

School holidays :

First Republic Day -
Thursday May 28, 2020

Secular holiday : In tribute to the 1918 Declaration of First Armenian Republic Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Public holiday -
Friday May 29, 2020

Secular holiday :

Constitution's Day -
Sunday July 5, 2020

Secular holiday : Adopted by referendum on July 5, 1995.

Golden Apricot film festival -
Sunday July 12, 2020

Culture : lasts 10 days - in Erevan 2020 edition confirmed
Contact to get the calendar for this event or one file containing confirmed calendars of most international WW cultural events

Transfiguration Day -
Sunday July 19, 2020

Orthodox : This celebration Vardavar is linked to pagan Goddess Astghik. According to the legend she spread love on earth, walking over roses that turn red from her blood. As goddess of fertility she is associated with water. Traditional water splashing.