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Canada (Newfoundland) - bank and public holidays of the world - 1970-2070


Full calendar of public and bank holidays of the world (and banks closures), from 1970 until 2070 for Canada (Newfoundland)

Internet domain: .ca - Telephone code: +1 - International dialing code: 011 - GMT offset: see each related province (DST: yes)
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Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

English (350 million speakers in 47 countries), French (150 million speakers in 30 countries), vernaculars ...
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Name Date Kind More
New Year's Day**Saturday January 1, 2022Secular holiday 
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winter holiday (end)**Tuesday January 4, 2022School holidays 
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local electionSunday February 13, 2022Special Events 
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spring holiday (beginning)Friday April 1, 2022School holidays 
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Good FridaySaturday April 2, 2022Catholic or protestant 
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Easter**Monday April 4, 2022Catholic or protestant 
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Easter MondayTuesday April 5, 2022Catholic or protestant 
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spring holiday (end)Tuesday April 12, 2022School holidays 
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Civil Servants holiday*Tuesday April 26, 2022Catholic or protestant 
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New Year's Day -
Friday January 1, 2021

Secular holiday : The world's most widely celebrated holiday, New Years was set on January 1 by Julius Caesar because that was the date the Roman consuls took over their duties. In Québec, employees have a choice between Good Friday and Easter Monday

Winter holiday (end) -
Monday January 4, 2021

School holidays :
calendar issued by the Ministry of Education
PISA ranking (average 493): 528 (among the 10 best WW)
Schooling is mandatory till age 16
number of instructional days per year in lower secondary education: 187
schools close on Saturday
school uniforms mostly required
confirmed till June 2021
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Local election -
Saturday February 13, 2021

Special Events :

Spring holiday (beginning) -
Thursday April 1, 2021

School holidays :

Good Friday -
Friday April 2, 2021

Catholic or protestant :

Easter -
Sunday April 4, 2021

Catholic or protestant : Not a paid holiday

Easter Monday -
Monday April 5, 2021

Catholic or protestant :

Spring holiday (end) -
Monday April 12, 2021

School holidays :

Civil Servants holiday -
Monday April 26, 2021

Catholic or protestant : St George's Day