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Azerbaijan - bank and public holidays of the world - 1970-2070


Full calendar of public and bank holidays of the world (and banks closures), from 1970 until 2070 for Azerbaijan

Internet extension: .az - Telephone code: +994 - International dialing code: 00 - GMT offset: +4 (DST: yes)
Krasnaya Sloboda region observes Jewish celebrations

Currency: Manat (AZM) ... Convert here!
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

Azeri (10 million speakers), vernaculars, Russian ...
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Name Date Kind More
presidential electionThursday April 11, 2019Special Events 
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Public holiday*Thursday April 11, 2019Secular holiday 
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mid-term holiday (beginning)Saturday April 27, 2019School holidays 
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F1 Grand Prix**Monday April 29, 2019Sports events 
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mid-term holiday (end)Monday May 6, 2019School holidays 
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Victory Day*Thursday May 9, 2019Secular holiday 
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school holidayThursday May 9, 2019School holidays 
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Tour d'Azerbaïdjan*Thursday May 9, 2019Sports events 
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Flower Day*Friday May 10, 2019Events, celebrations... 
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InterFood/InterFoodTech/Ingredients*Thursday May 23, 2019Tradeshows 
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Proclamation of the First Democratic Republic*Tuesday May 28, 2019National Day 
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Presidential election -
Wednesday April 11, 2018

Special Events :

Public holiday -
Wednesday April 11, 2018

Secular holiday : Early presidential election

Mid-term holiday (beginning) -
Friday April 27, 2018

School holidays :

F1 Grand Prix -
Sunday April 29, 2018

Sports events : in Baku 2018 edition confirmed
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Mid-term holiday (end) -
Sunday May 6, 2018

School holidays :

Victory Day -
Wednesday May 9, 2018

Secular holiday : Capitulation of Nazi forces to the Allies (the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and other principal Allied nations) in Berlin on May 8, 1945. It is celebrated in the successor states to the Soviet Union on May 9, because when the German Instrument of Surrender was signed (in the midnight), it was already May 9 in the USSR and Eastern Europe.

School holiday -
Wednesday May 9, 2018

School holidays :

Tour d'Azerbaïdjan -
Wednesday May 9, 2018

Sports events : 2018 edition confirmed
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Flower Day -
Thursday May 10, 2018

Culture : A holiday was first introduced by Hajibala Abutalibov, the mayor of Baku, in 2003, when Heydar Aliyev was hospitalized in Cleveland, U.S., with no realistic hopes for recovery. The Baku mayor declared May 10, Heydar Aliyev's birthday, the Flower Holiday to celebrate the president's birthday while thinly veiling it as a neutral holiday.

InterFood/InterFoodTech/Ingredients -
Wednesday May 23, 2018

Tradeshows : Lasts 3 days - in Baku 2018 edition confirmed

Proclamation of the First Democratic Republic -
Monday May 28, 2018

Secular holiday : On 28 May, 1918, after the collapse of the Russian Empire during the First World War, Azerbaijan declared independence and established the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. This first Muslim republic in the world lasted only two years,until 1920, when the Soviet Red Army liberated Azerbaijan. Wikipedia