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Bolsa de Valores de Panamá - bank and public holidays of the world - 1970-2070

full calendar of public and bank holidays of the world (and banks closures), from 1970 until 2070 for Bolsa de Valores de Panamá

XPTY - Trading hours (local time): 10:00 - 15:00
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

Name Date Kind More
New Year's Day*Monday January 2, 2017financial institutions 
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Martyrs' DayMonday January 9, 2017financial institutions 
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CarnivalMonday February 27, 2017School holidays 
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CarnivalTuesday February 28, 2017School holidays 
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New Year's Day -
Monday January 2, 2017

financial institutions : Http://www.panabolsa.com 2017 calendar confirmed

Martyrs' Day -
Monday January 9, 2017

financial institutions :

Carnival -
Monday February 27, 2017

School holidays (please double check) :

Carnival -
Tuesday February 28, 2017

School holidays (please double check) :