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The business world's No-Go Days!
This site informs you of all the days when banks (as well as stock exchange & school holidays) are closed due to religious or public events. Major events that may affect business or travel (elections, announced strikes, trade fairs, festivals, sports events...) are also listed.
You will also find when and where you should send flowers or postcards (Mothers's day, Valentine...) as well as dates of international celebrations (Earth Day, Human Rights Day, World Day of Social Justice...)

Our FREE SERVICE allows you to view the current calendar year (view only).
For 2 euros/country/year, our PAY SERVICE (click on credit card icon) gives you access to calendar years 2000-2070.
Our CORPORATE SERVICE provides double checked files, formatted and edited according to your needs, along with an exclusive e-mail alert system.
PLEASE USE CORPORATE SERVICE for any professional use or to get republication rights.
Our CUSTOM SERVICE will deal with your special requirements (data & alerts on specific topics...).
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Chicago Board of Trade - Agriculture
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Chicago Mercantile Exch. - Equity
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Chicago Mercantile Exch. - GSCI
Chicago Mercantile Exch. - Interest Rates
Chicago Stock Exchange
China (Tibet)
Christmas Island
Cincinnati Stock Exchange
Cocos Islands (Keeling)
Colombo Stock Exch.
Congo (Brazzaville)
Congo (Dem. Rep. of the)
Cook Islands
Copenhaguen Stock Exch.
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Cyprus Stock Exchange

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