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Catholic or protestant: religious celerations and observances

Name Date Kind More
optional holiday*Tuesday June 3, 2014Catholic or protestant 
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St John the Baptist (Florence, Turin, and Genoa only)**Tuesday June 24, 2014Catholic or protestant 
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St Peter & St Paul*Friday June 27, 2014Catholic or protestant 
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Optional holiday -
Friday June 3, 2016

Catholic or protestant : Sacred Heart of Jesus

St John the Baptist (Florence, Turin, and Genoa only) -
Saturday June 24, 2017

Catholic or protestant : When Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive Christ, St John the Baptist also announced that Elizabeth was already six months pregnant with John, which explains that his birthday comes three months after Annunciation Day (

St Peter & St Paul -
Monday June 27, 2016

Catholic or protestant : Or Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul is a liturgical feast in honour of the martyrdom in Rome of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The celebration is of ancient origin, the date selected being the anniversary either of their death or of the translation of their relics.