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Orthodox: religious celerations and observances

Name Date Kind More
Whit Monday**Tuesday June 5, 2018Orthodox 
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St Cyrilus and St Methodius*Thursday July 5, 2018Orthodox 
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Transfiguration Day*Tuesday July 24, 2018Orthodox 
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Whit Monday -
Monday June 5, 2017

Orthodox : In Cyprus, Kataklysma is the festival of the floods in seaside towns Greece, Cyprus & Ukraine

St Cyrilus and St Methodius -
Wednesday July 5, 2017

Orthodox : Cyril and Methodius were two brothers born in Thessaloniki in the Byzantine Empire in the 9th century, who became missionaries of Christianity in Khazaria and Great Moravia. They both perfected a Slavonic alphabet which is now known as the Cyrillic alphabet and translated the liturgy into this language. Wikipedia

Transfiguration Day -
Monday July 24, 2017

Orthodox : This celebration Vardavar is linked to pagan Goddess Astghik. According to the legend she spread love on earth, walking over roses that turn red from her blood. As goddess of fertility she is associated with water. Traditional water splashing.