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Buddhism (Theravada): religious celerations and observances

Name Date Kind More
Duruthu Poya Day*Monday January 1, 2018Buddhism (Theravada) 
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Sonam Lochar*Thursday January 18, 2018Buddhism (Theravada) 
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Navam Full Moon Poya Day*Wednesday January 31, 2018Buddhism (Theravada) 
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Meak Bochea Day*Wednesday January 31, 2018Buddhism (Theravada) 
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Unduvap Poya**Monday December 3, 2018Buddhism (Theravada) 
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Duruthu Poya Day -
Monday January 1, 2018

Buddhism (Theravada) : Commemorates Buddha's first visit to Sri Lanka. This visit too took place in the first year of the Buddha's preaching.

Sonam Lochar -
Thursday January 18, 2018

Buddhism (Theravada) : Tamang New Year - This community has a tradition of associating years with the symbols of 12 different animals (starting with Rat and ending with Boar).

Navam Full Moon Poya Day -
Wednesday January 31, 2018

Buddhism (Theravada) : Celebrates the following events in Buddhist history: Entrance into the order of two leading disciples of The Buddha (Sariputta and Maha Moggalana), The Buddha proclaims for the first time a code of fundamental ethical precepts for the monks. The Buddha announces that within three months His Parinibbana (death) will take place.

Meak Bochea Day -
Wednesday January 31, 2018

Buddhism (Theravada) : Buddhist ceremony during full moon in commemoration of the spontaneous gathering of monks to attend Buddha's preaching

Unduvap Poya -
Sunday December 3, 2017

Buddhism (Theravada) : Arrival of the Bo-tree sapling. This was brought to Sri Lanka from India by Buddhist Theri Sanghamitta, and it is this very tree that is venerated by Buddhists in Anuradhapura. It is also the oldest documented tree in the world. Sanghamitta Theri established the Bhikkhuni Sasana (the Order of Nuns). paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday