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linkArgentina (La Rioja) : public and bank holidays, closure of banks, stock exchanges, school vacations

Argentina (La Rioja) : complete schedule of public and bank holidays, closure of banks and stock exchanges, school vacations, trade fairs, cultural and sporting events, festivals, carnivals, election during the next 3 months

  • Currency: Peso (ARS)
  • Internet extension: .ar - Telephone code: +54 - International dialing code: 00
    Jewish & Muslim celebrations may officially be observed by local communities - GMT offset: +1 (DST: yes)
    2019 calendar confirmed
  • Weekend: Saturday & Sunday
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    Friday December 30, 2022Banks are closedBanks only
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    Saturday December 31, 2022New Year's EveSecular holiday
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    Sunday January 1, 2023School holidaysSchool holidays
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    Sunday January 1, 2023New Year's DaySecular holiday
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    Monday February 20, 2023CarnivalSecular holiday
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    Tuesday February 21, 2023CarnivalSecular holiday
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    Monday March 6, 2023Beginning of school yearSchool holidays
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    Friday March 24, 2023National day of the Memory by the Truth and JusticeSecular holiday
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    Sunday April 2, 2023Malvinas DaySecular holiday
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    Thursday April 6, 2023Maundy ThursdayCatholic or protestant
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    Friday April 7, 2023Good FridayCatholic or protestant
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    Sunday April 16, 2023Gubernatorial electionSpecial Events
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    Monday May 1, 2023Labor Day/May DaySecular holiday
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    Thursday May 25, 2023May Day RevolutionNational Day
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    Friday May 26, 2023Public holidaySecular holiday
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    Banks are closed

    Friday December 30, 2022
    Banks only :

    New Year's Eve

    Saturday December 31, 2022
    Secular holiday :

    School holidays

    Sunday January 1, 2023
    School holidays : Https://
    calendar gazetted by the Department of Education
    Number of teaching day: 187
    PISA ranking (average 493): 475
    Schooling is mandatory till age 16
    average number of instructional hours per year in lower secondary education: 1370
    many schools operate on Saturday
    school uniforms are generally worn
    University of Buenos Aires ranking: Times Higher Education #--/QS ranking #75/Shanghai #151-200

    We carry confirmed dates till Jan 2023

    Please note that authorities may take last-minute decisions; please double-check if this information is vital to you
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    New Year's Day

    Sunday January 1, 2023
    Secular holiday : The world's most widely celebrated holiday, New Years was set on January 1 by Julius Caesar because that was the date the Roman consuls took over their duties. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday


    Monday February 20, 2023
    Secular holiday : The Gualeguaychu Carnival: dressed in colorful suits, groups of people are dancing. Bands of street musicians (Murgas) participate in giant parades or Corsos .


    Tuesday February 21, 2023
    Secular holiday : The Gualeguaychu Carnival: groups of people dance dressed in colorful suits. Murgas bands of street musicians participate in giant parades or Corsos.

    Beginning of school year

    Monday March 6, 2023
    School holidays :

    National day of the Memory by the Truth and Justice

    Friday March 24, 2023
    Secular holiday : Commemoration of the 1976 coup that ushered in the last dictatorship of the country. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

    Malvinas Day

    Sunday April 2, 2023
    Secular holiday : Veterans Day and tribute to the fallen in the Malvinas War Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

    Maundy Thursday

    Thursday April 6, 2023
    Catholic or protestant : Maundy Thursday: Commemorates the Last Supper when Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist (Lord's Supper).

    Good Friday

    Friday April 7, 2023
    Catholic or protestant : The First Council of Nicaea (a gathering of bishops in the early days of Christianity) wanted to find a day to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This commemoration had to be linked to Jewish holiday traditions, since the last supper of Christ was believed to be a Jewish Passover meal. But the Jewish calendar is based on lunar and solar cycles, so the Easter celebration had to follow the same calendar.

    Gubernatorial election

    Sunday April 16, 2023
    Special Events :

    Labor Day/May Day

    Monday May 1, 2023
    Secular holiday : Chicago, Saturday May 1st, 1886: 350,000 workers go on strike to call for an 8-hour working day. Industries are paralyzed nationwide. On Monday, as demonstrations go on, the police open fire. On Tuesday, Chicago is again on strike. Following a bomb launched against them, the police shoot again. 12 dead, of which 7 policemen. 8 anarchists will be condemned and executed. In 1889, the Socialist International Movement met in Paris and declared this day international workers' day . The Soviets will follow suit, just as the Nazis. In France, under the Vichy regime (1940-1944), the celebration is renamed Labour Day .

    May Day Revolution

    Thursday May 25, 2023
    Secular holiday : Anniversary of the 1810 Revolution ( Revolución de Mayo )

    Public holiday

    Friday May 26, 2023
    Secular holiday : Census day